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...This one might catch some flack I suppose.

I know this isn't a very highly active community... it seems there isn't a large variety or number of members who post and comment. But despite that, I thought I'd just wing this one out there to see what you all might think...

There exist communities like this one, where the idea and point of it (at least initially) was/is to provide open forum for both vegans and non-vegans alike to interact and debate topics that can affect both sides.

Then there are communities like Veganpeople, with the primary point of them being to network fellow vegans and people interested in veganism around the world. The community offers advice on various subjects; support to people looking into a vegan lifestyle; sharing of recipes; Sharing of places to shop and restaurant and travel recommendations; and various other things vegan-oriented. Nearly always in a polite, welcoming, and friendly manner.

But then there exist communities such as Petards (and a whole slew of other communities like it) which namely exist apparently, for no other reason than for people to get together and discuss how much they hate and generally can't stand some certain group of people. (Animal rights activists, vegans, etc...)
Which to me, just kind of seems... well... odd to say the least. I don't know people in such communities personally, so obviously I can't make a full and fair assessment as to whether or not they "have a life" per say. But it just seems that if someone is going to spend a lot of time dwelling on a subject like that they might could better benefit from pondering and learning to find a more constructive and positive use of their time.

I know there are some vegans who spend most of their time just being negative and hating people that aren't vegan. (And no, I don't think even cannibalcountry fully and truly falls into this category because I'm sure she has friends and family (heck she's pointed out even her own 'significant other') who eat meat and she still loves them) ...I mean seriously I'm sure there are some vegans who will absolutely rip into anyone who is not vegan, including their so-called "loved ones"... And I find that terribly sad (and not helpful to the point/purpose of veganism either).
Basically, there are extremely negative and ignorantly hateful/spiteful people among all walks of life it seems. But the frequency of which one comes across blogs and forum communities dedicated specifically to the sole purpose of making fun of vegans and such is... honestly pathetic.

I really can't fathom why it is people can spend their time with such things.
Moreso I can't understand why there are vegans (and yes I know cannibalcountry falls into this category now) who would join such communities and post in them as if they're going to make a dent in such an environment whose reason for existence in the first place is to poke fun at people like her to begin with. Thereby people like her posting in such communities is like pouring gasoline on a fire really. I know she's probably trying to just speak up in place of all those who are not doing so... trying to offer the counterpoint... and being a fellow vegan I commend her efforts on the matter to an extent. But all in all it just seems a waste of breath, so to speak. At least a debate community like this exists for debate, to attract (hopefully) a bit more balance from each side of the issue and hopefully people are more willing to be rational with their language etc... But communities that exist just to bash AR folks (Or even what communities exist out there specifically just to bash meat eaters) in my opinion seem a waste of one's brain muscle.

Any thoughts?

(P.S. sorry if its like I'm dragging cannibalcountry right into the middle of this right off the bat, but I figured if I didn't plug her in where I did and how I did it would have been only a matter of time till she was thrown into the conversation anyway --- as I've realized, scanning back through multiple entries in this community, that some people on here seem to have an affinity for bringing her up as an "example" for things... I figured I'd just try to kind of head some of that off from the start, if that makes sense.)
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