Edge [Snoop Dogg of Science] (edgiko) wrote in vegandebate,
Edge [Snoop Dogg of Science]

been wonder and I hope this is a good place to bring it up

There was a post recently on veganism that makes me wonder:

Is it okay to convert from vegan to meat eater? By okay, I mean not a "traitor" to the cause.

I noticed that in the person's post, people got up in arms about someone saying they were going to go back to meat eating because they were going to study aboard.

My opinion? It's your life. If you decide that veganism really isn't you, then switch. I'm not going to stop you or scream at you. Do what you want to do. I've known people who have done it before and..they're still the same person. I've done it before and then converted back. It's all about what's right for you.

Thoughts? Opinions? Flames?
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