Edge [Snoop Dogg of Science] (edgiko) wrote in vegandebate,
Edge [Snoop Dogg of Science]

Vegans shouldn't have sex with meat eaters?

There's a group in New Zealand vegans shunning vegans who have relations with meat eaters.

Do you think this is taking Veganism to an extreme?

I think it does. You can't be 100% vegan. It's only something you try to achieve, but so many everyday products we use are not vegan. I'm sure we're familiar with cars and junk.

But to ban sex with someone? Or having a relationship? That's just sick. I'm a vegan who happens to like a meat eater. Do you think I care about the fact she eats meat? No. I don't.

The point is, that shouldn't be a factor in a relationship.

What do you think about this?
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