a person (jsl32) wrote in vegandebate,
a person

do vegans ever feel satiety?

for health reasons, i have begun switching my diet over to organic and locally grown foods (including meat, dairy and eggs), and this means i have to shop at hippie grocery stores, which of course ooze with vegan options galore.

but the thing i've noticed is that many of the vegan ways to get proteins leave me feeling unsatisfied. a handful of nuts at say 200 calories does not give me the same feeling as animal-derived foods of similar calorie count. by which i mean i can feel satiety for a couple of HOURS eating 2 small boiled eggs (same calories), but i feel hungry 1/2 hour after eating the same amount of calories in nut form.

and don't get me started on the sheer volumes of beans and grains needed to get in enough calories as a vegan. most of which i can't eat because most grains and starches tend to not be so good to my tummy.

even eating the mighty avocado, high-calorie and flavorful vegan staple, is not as filling to me as 200 calories of raw milk or raw milk cheese or grass-fed local beef or free range local chicken, etc.

if i were to go vegan at this stage in my life, i would be sick all the time from the starches/grains, and also feel hungry though my tummy was full of quinoa and chard, say.

and yet there are fat vegans who eat fried banana chips and such (oh, the unhealthiness!), but i wonder if they feel satiety, that sense of fullness. and of course i wonder if the very thin starveling-looking vegans feel it too.

this is kind of a open-ended question/inquiry to vegans and those who eat a lot of non-animal foods in their diets for whatever reasons.
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