Ann Hyphen (trancendenz) wrote in vegandebate,
Ann Hyphen

Uses of a cow's non-meat bi-products

Many of these products can be used simultaneously - meaning one cow can go towards several of these products + meat.

Supposedly, it's more efficient to eat vegetables. So I'm looking for other uses of plant matter (excluding what's used for food). Please post as many as you can find to try and convince me that it's more efficient to eat plant matter and then create the products synthetically.

All I can think is that trees that loose their leaves can be used for humus and other uses for grain shafts such as food for animals or other plants.

I'm being serious on this because I really want to know what other products or even multiple food products from the *same* plant, excluding a plant that only has one food product that are more efficient in combination with synthetic.
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