Ann Hyphen (trancendenz) wrote in vegandebate,
Ann Hyphen

Just to forewarn, this is going to come off as a huge wank, but it's really not meant to be. It's more of simply something that I've noticed lately.

I've come to a conclusion about why, from my perspective, vegans, including those who really aren't wankers, come off as such. There are plenty of harmless vegans (by this I DON'T mean the ones who don't discuss their veganism at all, so I don't want anyone complaining to me about how I'm saying vegans shouldn't be wallflowers about their lifestyle. I'm not saying that at all). But even harmless vegans, who are NOT trying to sound like elitist and priviledged, can end up doing so.

This is because when you are around a vegan, everything they have to do is vegan because it is a lifestyle rather than a diet. There are vegan shoes. Vegan condoms (apparently). Vegan pet food. Vegan shampoo. Vegan topsoil (joking).

It sounds like a country club that will only serve Evian water and "good vanilla" in their baking (this is a cut at that chick on food network that always says "good"-read: expensive-before any product she uses in baking). So without even trying, from a non-vegan perspective, all vegans end up sounding like they are part of an exclusive club that to join you have to buy their products, like Amway.

This may just be in my crazy head so I'm really not trying to wank because this really can't be avoided. It's just a result of the vegan lifestyle being restrictive.
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