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I have a question...i think.

Anyhoo, I've been sick for months. They think its my gallbladder! >_<

The Dr.s are saying NO NUTS or BEANS!!!!

so think about that
no beans....of kidney, navy, pinto, black, chick, lentles...
no almonds, walnuts, peanuts (OR PENUT BUTTER!), no pecans...

so if i cant have soy beans...doesnt that mean i cant have tofu? 
or...chick then i cant have HUMMUS??(which i eat...ALL THE TIME!)

Im freakin! so i think soy milk...since its not whole beans...and tofu might be ok right?

but im i cant eat ANYTHING anymore...anyting totally VEGAN
i mean, i am lactose intolerant so...theres that but...
i may have to start eating...DUN DUN DUN FISH??? or something...
i cant drop dead becasue all my staples are making me sick.....


oh help?!

xposted for major help sorry!
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