Yung Turkey (fishycreambun) wrote in vegandebate,
Yung Turkey


There have been a couple of posts on veganpeople and veganism that have asked to help determine if certain situations can be morally acceptable despite not being strictly vegan - "is it ethical if I use these abandoned eggs from my rescued hen/drink this milk from a friend's pet cow/if people use seeing-eye dogs?"

For many vegans, the answer is no, no use of an animal is ethical - without a way to determine an animal's consent, we have no way of knowing if they are truly comfortable with the use of their products or services, and to continue to use them to our benefit is exploitation.

"Exploitation" and "consent" are keystones in the moral arguments against omnivorism. However, the same people who think it's arguable that consent is indeterminable in non-human animals also argue that animals are undeniably thinking, emotionally expressive beings capable of communicating things such as happiness, sadness, pain, grief, playfulness, love, and even some degree of spirituality.

How can consent be indeterminable if animals are also seen as self-aware, emotionally expressive beings?
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