shannon (leirza) wrote in vegandebate,

interview with animal trainer (x-posted)

hi, im preparing to do an interview with an animal trainer and i wanted to see if there were any questions that you would be particularly interested in asking? (i will be happy to post the audio clip when its done). here is some background information on the guest:

-26 yr old female with BA in zoology
-huge animal lover, her favorites being birds of prey.
-past work includes volunteering at a zoo and a birds of prey rescue center for a number of years
-currently works as a trainer for a birds of prey center. they put on live shows with the birds for educational purposes

we are going to be talking about the animal welfare aspect of training animals in general, and comparing/contrasting that with the training that goes on at her job.

i can provide more info if this is too vague.. hope to hear from some people, should be a good interview! thx :D
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