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This is a community for debate between vegans and omnivores.

Please read the community policy in regards to how we expect our members to behave. Other than that, you may want to check out the FAQ for issues that have already been addressed.

Community policy:

1. If you post images that may be disrespectful to others, PLEASE put it behind a cut with a warning. Go here to see how to do a cut.

2. Please ask a mod before advertising a community.

3. If you use any slanderous, insulting, demeaning or vile language you will be warned. If you agree not to continue using such language, you will be able to maintain your presence in the community. If you choose to continue, you will be removed. Please realize that this requires you to look over your posts to the best of your ability in order to assure they are not going to be taken as insulting, etc.

This community is specifically for polite debate. There are other communities in LJ that allow a freer environment concerning language: anti_vegan, anti_anti_vegan or vegan_debate.

4. Please e-mail moderators (links are at the top of the journal or below) to anonymously report users who are not following policy. We are not everywhere at all times, we need your help.

For your benefit, here are examples of unacceptable language (said by both omnivores and vegans:

a. "I've never seen a more demented hive of whiny, snot-nosed scum and villany in all my life."

b. "It's endearing that you've fooled yourself into believeing I have enough real free time in my life to deeply concern myself with letters on a computer monitor. Not everyone is like you. Sorry to tell you. There are stupid or plain insane people I may give the time of day sometimes for my own amusement, but you certainly aren't one of them. You seem to be a little gross and a little creepy, but it stops there."

c. "If there's anything there's an abudance of, it's stupid, gullible people that'll believe anything and everything that PeTA shoves down their throat."

d. "I look on you much as the obnoxious retarded kid in a classroom... You feel like you should be nice to them because they are retarded, but at the same time you want to be mean to them because they are jerks."

e. "You need to stop being such a whiny shit."

f. "Ha ha, lamest point EVER."

g. "So ALF is what, a bunch of vegans too pussy to publicly declare that they belong to said asshat organization?"

h. "Oh, _____, you're a joy as always. Still trying so very hard to justify every nasty little thing people, including yourself, sink to that few others agree with. It's adorable, in a way. No, wait. I meant it's disgusting. yeah that's it."

i. "You people are pussies. "I'm getting reamed and I can't take it, waaa waa waaa." Eat some meat, maybe it will help you grow some balls."

j. "Don't you have some sick cats to put in the freezer or something?"

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misteashinra shadow333
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misteashinra or shadow333
-our moderators are vegan and omnivorous-

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